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Our Services Include:


     Site Assessment

     Landscape Design Evaluation

     Corporate Campus Ecosystems

     Detention Basins

     Wetland Mitigation

     Wetland Delineation  

     Soil Stabilization


     Turf Conversion

     Custom Plant Propagation

     Rain Gardens


       CRP Conversion

       Custom Crop Production

       Seed Harvesting Services


       Habitat Installation

       Exotic Species Control

       Prescribed Burning Services

       Prairie Restoration

       Glade Restoration

       Savannah Restoration

       Woodland Restoration

       Forest Management


We are committed to working cooperatively with our clients to clearly identify project goals, challenges and opportunities, and to provide creative solutions that enhance the quality of natural systems.

Through thoughtful preliminary analysis, we can apply our accumulated experience and routinely improve project success while minimizing costs.

Each Restoration project is unique, just as the habitats we are recreating.  Therefore, the techniques used to successfully complete a project must be adaptive and fully utilize the natural systems of the site ecology, rather than a "One size fits all" approach.




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